Relative Hunger

by Marybeth Mattson

Released 2012
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Released 2012
Blending a certain folk sensibility with the energy of pop, and a little country-rock flavor, Marybeth's lyrics reflect a poetic upbringing; her songs, deliberately tangential at times, contain both truth and imagination.
"Marybeth's music blends a certain folk sensibility with the energy of pop, and a little country-rock flavor. Her lyrics reflect a poetic upbringing; her songs, deliberately tangential at times, contain both truth and imagination."
My songs are not always easy to interpret, but I hope that people take what they need from them. There are a few songs with obvious lyrics, but I'm a poet by nature, and the truth is flexible for poets. The truth in my songs is in the emotion, the desires we all carry; and for me, the need to figure out this world and make more than just sense of it – to make something that reflects what I take from the world, and what I am willing and able to put back into it. The title of my cd, though perhaps not obvious, reiterates this concept. Relative Hunger is all about what we hunger for, what we desire, what we want, and how that is relative to each person's life experiences, culture, time, place... We can't understand each other if we aren't willing to listen, right? I hope that people listen to my songs, and are able to find their own truth in them.
CD Credits:

℗© 2012 Marybeth Mattson

Cover Art: Madeleine Kuhns
Inside Photo: Matthew Kuhns
All songs written and performed by Marybeth Mattson
Recorded at: Second Story Studio & Studio Impossible, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Aaron Fischer
Produced by Marybeth Mattson & Aaron Fischer

Thanks to my hijacked band for their excellent musical input and performance. These song arrangements are the result of collaborating with these fabulous musicians: Patrick Palmer, bass. Dan Smrz, percussion. Seth Raddatz, lead & slide electric guitar, and co-writing & vocals on Dance Me Down. Anna Sacks, backup vocals on Winter and Glory. Aaron Fischer, bass on Drink So Thin.

Innumerable thanks to Aaron Fischer for guiding me through my first recording project and for influencing the arrangements of these songs; to Fred Young for his friendship and generous sponsorship of this project; to Matthew Kuhns, whose beautiful photography can be seen right behind this text and on my website; and to Madeleine Kuhns for designing the cover art with only the title for inspiration.

Much thanks to my amazing mamacat, Jeanne Kuhns, for her support, insight and love, my first guitar, and for sponsoring the printing process; my grammar, Joanne, for always having an available ear and a hot cup of coffee; my big brother Eli, for showing me that as long as you never give up, you will never fail; and my brother Jake, for his perpetual support, honesty and kindness, and for giving me the courage to play my first open mic. Thanks to the rest of my family for love, loans, and other forms of support, and to the Raddatz/Fischer clan for absorbing me.

To Seth Raddatz, for being everything I ever wanted, for teaching me something new every day, for lending a helping hand, for writing me songs, and for love, patience, encouragement, claw-machine stuffed animals & inspiration. Thank you.

This is for Bill Kuhns, my grandfather, the writer, the editor, the photographer; the man who taught me that what you want is only as far away as what you're willing to believe in.

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